recreate mailbox after deleted

I'm going to try to ask this question to the best of my knowledge although I am not the administrator of the network for our company. Hopefully I can explain this ok. Basically we have an exchange server that manages both employees here at our site and off-site in customer spaces. Whenever an employee moves out to a customer site their mailbox is deleted and their mail is forwarded to the off-site customers e-mail address that was assigned to them. If that employee is later moved back to our site, we have to delete the entire account and then re-create the mailbox so they are back in here. I'm thinking there must be an easier way to re-create the mailbox without deleting the entire account first, although we have looked around at numerous options we can't seem to find a way to do this. Is it possible or once you delete the mailbox is there no way to re-create it without removing them completely out of the exchange server and re-creating them from scratch (as if they are a new user)? Hopefully this makes sense.

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guidwayAuthor Commented:
perhaps I found my answer myself. let me see if this works:;en-us;313420&sd=tech
Yup that link will do it.  I'm curious as why you don't just disable the account or a lot of time after you delete an email account you can right click the mailboxes folder under the store and run cleanup agent it'll show mailboxes you have deleted within a specified amount of time and you can reattach their old mailbox back to their account.
guidwayAuthor Commented:
>>I'm curious as why you don't just disable the account<<

to be honest, that would sound sensible to me also, however I'm thinking they tried that and could not get it to work correctly. If we get another case where a user is to be moved off-site and vice versa I am going to see if we can try it again.

>>within a specified amount of time<<

I'm not sure what that specified time is, but usually we may have someone out at the customer's site for at least a year (minimal) and sometimes up to 3-5 years before they are brought back here. I'm thinking that would be too long to recover the account that second way.

thanks for the advice (I'm leaving this open for one week or 2 to see if we get a chance to actively try it out, if after that time we still have not tested it, I will award points to everyone who provides useful advice/ideas about this.

thanks again
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Wow, 5 years.  Yeah just delete the old mailbox.  If the account still exists (for you to forward their mail) the easiest way to recreate it is right click the account and choose the exchange tasks - create mailbox option.

I am curious to here other people ideas on how to handle the forwarding of mail and then restoring of the mailbox in your scenerio.  It sounds like to me that you outsource employees such as a temp agency and also want to know other methods to work with that scenerio.

Here's what I'd do, keep the mailbox and the account up, under ADUC create a contact that contains the users new email and then in the users properties go to the Exchange general tab and click Delivery Options and select the forward to and then select that contact.  Then when the user comes back all you will need to do is delete the contact and the forward to option.  You may want to also remove the display from address book in the account while they are gone as well so only the contact with their name will show and also change the password on the account.

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David WilhoitSenior Consultant, ExchangeCommented:
When you delete a mailbox in E2K, you have 30 days to get it back, UNLESS you delete the user object that goes with it. Then, you have to make a new object. Removing mail attribs is the same as disconnecting the mailbox from the user object, you could probably do that as well.. Personally, disabling the user object is pretty useful, remove the user from any DGs and keep these folks on their own mailbox stores.

guidwayAuthor Commented:
sorry for the late reply. We still haven't had the opportunity to test this, but I thank everyone for the information and I am now closing the question and splitting the points. :)

easy way for me is to use Ontrack Power Controls 3.0

This allows u to open the priv1.edb or pub1.edb and drag n drop the users mailbox directly into the users exchange server mailbox
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