ActiveX controls issue

We have a computer on our local network running Office 2002, SP3.  The user has a signature setup in Outlook which creates an issue for the recipient when her e-mail has been received.  I believe the issue is coming from the senders signature file.  I have tried replacing it but have the same issue as follows:

The recipient gets the following message:

"Your current settings prohibit running ActiveX controls on this page.  As a result, the page may not display correctly."

After clicking OK everything does appear to be ok.

What is this coming from?

One note:  On the sender's email window when creating a new e-mail message, we see a light gray box which appears just in front of the signature copy.  If we delete the gray box, all is fine for the recipient.


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So if you donot send any signature from the sender's end , does the recipient still get the error ?

With signature ON , can you send an email from the sender's side in Rich text or Plain text format and see how that goes ?

Ask the recipient to do this

open IE
go to tools > internet options > security > internet > custom level
scroll down to "activeX controls..." and enable all active x controls.
if that helps, then ask him to go to the same location and disable "unsigned active X controls "

Make sure his IE and OL are fully updated as well

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I guys,
I'm having this exact same issue, I followed Sunra's sugestion and Im still seeing the same thing.
With the Signature on I get the popup, with the signature off I dont. If I view the e-mail in the preview pane its fine, its only when I actually open the e-mail. The sender is running OL2003 and all OL2003 users that get mail from him get the popup but 2000/2002 seem to be fine.
I had this same problem and found a different solution. In Outlook go to Tools > Options > Security and change the security zone to "Internet" instead of "Restricted Sites."
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