Custom Web Publishing and FM7 Dev

Is there a way to render custom html pages with FM7 Developer?  The IWP feature only grants me access to the database with a similiar look and feel as FM7 dev with a logout button.
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Yes, with a huge qualification.

Earlier versions of FileMaker included a Custom Web Publishing option, which allowed you to create highly customized web pages using a markup language called CDML, sort of like PHP or ASP. In what can only be called a greedy, bone-headed maneuver, FileMaker has completely removed the "Custom Web Publishing" feature from the FileMaker Pro application, and it is now only available through the FileMaker Server Advanced product. Apparently the loopy goofs in FileMaker's bean counting department decided there were too many improvements in FM7, and wanted to reduce the value of the product dramatically.

One small consolation - if you have FileMaker Developer, you are entitled to a free development license for FileMaker Server Advanced. It's basically the same as Server Advanced, but with very limited users. I had to pay $10 to order the CD, but the latest release of FM Dev 7 is supposed to include this license in the package, so you might want to check and see if you already have it.

If you just want to tweak the appearance of the default Instant Web Publishing pages, you can edit the HTML source and javascript for these pages in the web resources folder of the FileMaker application. You can change the CSS, graphics, and page layout, and if you look closely at the cgi- tags, you can probably figure out how to do a little bit more stuff.

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shuittnyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info.  It is a great help.
You're welcome!
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