Is there a quick and easy way to determine if a file is an image?

Howdy, all,

I received images in the course of a normal day.  However, the files do not have normal extensions (".aaa", ".aab", ".aac", etc instead of ".gif", ".jpg", ".tif", etc) and are intermixed with non-image files in an archive.  

I'm writing an app that will extract and display the images, but I want to weed out the non-image files from the directory list.

Does have a quick and easy way to determine if a file is a displayable image or not?

Thanks in advance.
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Mike TomlinsonMiddle School Assistant TeacherCommented:
You could do something like this:

    Private Function isValidImage(ByVal imageFileName As String) As Boolean
        If System.IO.File.Exists(imageFileName) Then
            Dim valid As Boolean
            Dim bmp As Bitmap
                bmp = Image.FromFile(imageFileName)
                valid = True
            Catch ex As Exception
                valid = False
                If Not (bmp Is Nothing) Then
                End If
            End Try
            Return valid
            Return False
        End If
    End Function

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bdzotAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Idle.

Unfortunately, .bmp is one of the formats I don't deal with.

However, this worked:

Private Function isValid(ByVal imagePath as string) as Boolean
    Dim valid as Boolean
    Dim imageFile as Image

        imageFile = Image.FromFile(imagePath)
        valid = True
    Catch ex As Exception
        valid = false
        imageFile = Nothing    
    End Try

    Return valid

End Function

Much thanks!
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