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Trying to create a "simulated" external client to LAN VPN

Problem is that the "external" client is within our own LAN physically, plugged via a VPN router directly into our ADSL modem. We have allocated the client and the VPN router static IP's from our own external block of IP's we have purchased.
Problem is that the ADSL router also has an IP from the same block. Consequently as soon as packets are received by the aforementioned router from the client machine they are immediately seen as being on the same subnet and kept internal.

Is there anyway I can fool it into sending the packets externally to the internet?

Does the above problem explanation make sense?

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2 Solutions
What are you trying to acheive? Do you want an internal PC to route out and then come straight back in to the same place but as if it had originated from the Internet as a VPN client?
I had the problem, and solved it by connecting through modem connection as a "real" external client .
It suites well the testing purposes of the VPN server.
MTindillAuthor Commented:
dr_dudd: Yes that is correct

muhalok: That was my next approach actually. I think that what I'm going to have to do unless anyone else has an idea?
I presume you are using a combined ADSL modem/router. If this is the case then I think dial-up is the only solution.

If you have separate modem and router, then what I did was to insert an ethernet switch between the two devices and hang the PC off that, so that it was external to the local LAN, but not on the Internet.

The advantage of the dial-up solution is that you would experience the VPN much as your users would, rather than being on a LAN which would give a false high speed.

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