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Hello experts!

This question is more for gaining information and is very subjective, so there aren't a lot of points to pass around (as yet, depending on my opinion on the value of contributions). Due to the nature of the discussion, I may open other questions with more points to get help on the actual implementation, as I have done in the past.

What I have done so far is develop an Windows application that is supposed to manage a photo archive on our server. The photos are stored on two separate servers and the management is determined by the information stored in a database on classification, location, etc. The application (my first Windows app in C#; my background is Java) is buggy and keeps crashing. It is also quite complex due to my inexperience in Software Engineering.

What I am considering is a three part design: a front-end user interface that runs on the user's machine that interfaces with a server program that both manages the database and the photos. I initially started with a web-based interface, but I needed to be able to scan the contents of a user's hard drive to find photos, which cannot be done remotely from a web-based interface, unless an ActiveX control or some other tool is employed.

Any assistance here will be greatly appreciated.

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A three tier application is what I would use.  You can create a windows application that uses a web service that handles the logic for the database transactions.  It is such a broad topic, I wouldn't know what else to say unless you want to know something specific.

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TZRickAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your input. I am not sure if I would be able to put this application together in the near future, in addition to doing my other tasks, so I will close this question.

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