Exchange Migration from 2000 to 2003

For a short time, I'll need to have these both running in tandem, but I don't want the 2003 Exchange server to yank control from my 2000 server.  Are there any issues to worry about in this?

I plan to move my, my boss, and my co-minion's mailboxes over to the new server to test it and make sure it works and then after that, I'll be migrating the rest of the company over and decomissioning the 2000 Exchange and the server it's on.

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No problems with that. I do that on most migrations I do.
You will need to go through the prep process to make the org Exchange 2003 mixed instead of 2000.
I would also suggest that you get the system and public folder replication working before any mailboxes are moved across. Mailboxes should be the last thing that go across.
Otherwise just make sure that both servers can talk to each other by SMTP (telnet to each other's port 25) so that email that comes in to your Exchange 2000 system but bound for the 2003 server will get there.

When it comes to the removing the first server, this is the article to follow:


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lrwdigitalAuthor Commented:
Could I get an idea on where to look to make Exch 2000 mixed?  I looked in AD and couldn't find any ideas there.
Your Exchange org will be either 2000 mixed or 2000 native.
If you have never had any Exchange 5.5 servers then there is a good chance that it is Native.

ESM, Right click on the Org and choose Properties. It will tell you what mode it is in.

lrwdigitalAuthor Commented:
Thanks much.
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