Error when running Equator Editor in Word

I get the "an error occured and this feature is no longer functioning properly. Would you like to repair this feature now?" message every time I try to either create a new equation object, or edit an existing one.  I tried clicking on "yes", then it would say "Installing: Application server", then mofe error, and "This object was created in Equation. This application is not available to open this object.".

I tried reinstalling Office/Windows/ and antivirus in combinations, on both Office XP and Office 2003, running in both Windows XP Pro and Windows XP home, with and without SP2, also with and without Norton. I even formatted my computer and only have the OS and Office installed. Still doesn't work.

I tried editing the registry, not working.

Now what?
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ZenaNgAuthor Commented:
I know, it did not solve my problem. That's why I'm posting it again.
Ha ha.  Sorry, didn't make the connection!  ;)
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ZenaNgAuthor Commented:
quite, can anyone suggest anything else I could try to get this working? My lab partners aren't very impressed with me right now, since I can't use EE to write equations for our reports...
So you formatted the computer, then installed the OS and then installed Office, and it still doesn't work?  Are you using original install disks, or ghost images of your hard drive, or bootleg software?  

Could you ever use equation editor on this computer in the past?  If so, any thoughts about what might have changed between then and now?
ZenaNgAuthor Commented:
I have working original (legit) copies of all the software. I thought it was a service pack problem since I used Equation Editor before and was ok. But since my new reformat, I shouldn't have anything that will conflict with it, but still doesn't work.

This one really got me scratching my head here...

ZenaNgAuthor Commented:
Finally found out what went wrong: the "east asian languages" pack was conflicting with the "equation editor"! As soon as I uninstalled the language pack. All is fine. Now I just have to use NJStar or Unionway for my asian font support. HA.
refund makes sense to me.  Glad you found the solution, such as it is...;)
Closed, 500 points refunded.

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