Program to scan Word files, and underline all words that are in pre-set word lists.

I'm looking for a simple program that can scan .doc files and look for- and underline- all words that are contained in three pre-defined word lists.

It will need to differentiate, perhaps by using different colors, which words in the document match up with which of the three word lists.

This program is to highlight word-matches directly onto the MSWord .doc file.

Hopefully this can be done without affecting the pagination of, or needing to reformat, the original document.

So my questions...Is there such a program? If not, would it be difficult to write?

Many THanks
John H.

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Hi john_henry7,

I would be surprised to find a program that matches exactly your request.

On the other hand, all the office products support macros that can be programmed easily using Visual Basic. I don't think that it would take much time for an experienced VB programmer to come up with a macro. Once that's working you can make it part of your and have it available all the time.

You can definitley do that with a macro.  I've just started learning Visual Basic (office) for work, it's straightforwards but this is too early for me.

I impart the knowledge to you that it can be done.

Good luck.
Not sure you'll find that off the shelf.  Would you like this program to be run from inside of Word or external?

Internally, you would have to open the document(s) manually and scan the files with a macro or VBA app by initiating a command, Externally you could point the app at many files and have it run that same process over many files at one time.

Also your budget may have a lot to do with the answer.
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I forgot to mention, that there are plenty of programmers who could be used to write this app/macro depending on what you need.  However, I would recommend someone local to you if at all possible.  It is just easier than remotely and long distance.  However I would be able to write something like this for you if you couldn't find someone locally.  How many words are you talking about in your three pre-defined lists?

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john_henry7Author Commented:
Thanks CAVcc,
Whether it works within MSWord or as an external program doesn't matter much. As long as it can get the job done.

The word lists: there are 3 of them and each has between 1,500 and 2,500 words.

The budget? Well, I'm hoping it won't be too expensive, as I'm trying to help my boss save some money here.

I think I'll ask our company's (it's an ESL magazine publisher) IT man if he knows how to do this. But frankly, I doubt he does. Any ideas as to roughly how much this could cost?

Many Thanks,
If you wish you can email me at {email address removed - ai, cs admin} so we can discuss in more detail after you talk to your IT person.

Thanks, Chris

It is against t EE rules to offer solving problems offline (especially for money).

Sorry, Didn't realize that...  John, hopefully your IT person will have someone that you can work with but I will tell you it certainly can be done.

New to posting answers, my mistake...

Just trying to help.
john_henry7Author Commented:
Thanks Chris! I appreciate your help.
Best Regards,
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