Fortran Interacter to Winteractor.

Does anyone have any ideas how I could convert fortran interacter code to winteracter code? Is it too difficult? Is there a special software for this out there or I simply have to change few lines in my code?

Thank you.
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Any INTERACTER graphics code can be used virtually without modification. The only change likely to be required is the introduction of a "USE WINTERACTER" statement at the start of each program unit which calls our graphics routines. Similarly code which calls routines in our OS (operating system), CH (character handling) and MM (max/min) subroutine groups can also be reused.
Code which uses INTERACTER's Forms Manager will require some modification, notably the conversion of forms to Windows dialogs.
However, we provide a tool (IFD2DLG) which will do this automatically. Many of INTERACTER's Forms Manager routines have direct equivalents in Winteracter too, notably the field assignment/retrieval routines. The function of the INTERACTER form designer INTFORM is replaced by DialogEd, the visual dialog editor.
Text screen output via the INTERACTER window manager is replaced by a set of similarly structured routines in the WM (Window Management), TX (Text Output), CL (Area Clearing) and FS (Font Selection) subroutine groups.
Input handling probably requires the most code redesign. Winteracter programs operate around a message delivery routine, normally located inside a DO WHILE loop. All keyboard, mouse, menu and dialog events are reported through this mechanism. The number of possible message types which must be processed in Winteracter programs is vastly reduced compared to a 'raw' Windows API program, however.
Menus are handled somewhat differently to INTERACTER and are designed externally using the MenuEd visual editor. As noted earlier, menu selections are returned via the message reporting mechanism
AiyshaAuthor Commented:
Thank you Mikal613

"we provide a tool (IFD2DLG) which will do this automatically" where can I get this tool?
The "USE WINTERACTER" line should be in quotes or outof the quotes?
I am getting lots of error even if I add the use line.. may be I will have to do lots of editing in the code..


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AiyshaAuthor Commented:
Thank you for all the sugestions. I guess there is no easy way out for converting the winteractive to interactive. But the links and information did help me understand the process.
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