RightFax and why doesnt my code work??

I'm experimenting/testing the API Com of some fax software we use at work called RightFax by http://www.captaris.com/ the API tuition supplied by them doesnt seem to work (or i'm doing something very wrong.

The form consists of 2 listboxes, and 1 command button.

the form loads ok and the first listbox1 populates with the users.

I then slelect the required user from the list but when I press the command button I get  runtime error 424 object required.

heres the code......


Public gl_MyFaxServer As RFCOMAPILib.FaxServer
Public gl_SelectedUser As String
Dim obj_Fax As RFCOMAPILib.Fax
Dim str_File As String, str_FromName As String
Dim str_UserName As String
Dim str_UserID As String


Private Sub btn_ListFaxes_Click()

For Each obj_Fax In MyFaxServer.Faxes(gl_SelectedUser)
str_faxfilename = obj_Fax.FaxFilename
str_FromName = obj_Fax.FromName
lst_FaxList.AddItem str_faxfilename + vbTab + str_FromName

End Sub
Private Sub Form_Load()

Set gl_MyFaxServer = New RFCOMAPILib.FaxServer

gl_MyFaxServer.ServerName = "sever1"
gl_MyFaxServer.UseNTAuthentication = False
gl_MyFaxServer.AuthorizationUserID = "aname"
gl_MyFaxServer.AuthorizationUserPassword = ""
gl_MyFaxServer.Protocol = cpNamedPipes

For Each User In gl_MyFaxServer.Users
str_UserID = User.ID
str_UserName = User.UserName
lst_Users.AddItem str_UserID + vbTab + str_UserName

End Sub

Private Sub lst_Users_Click()

Dim objUser As RFCOMAPILib.User
Set objUser = gl_MyFaxServer.Users(lst_Users.ListIndex + 1)
gl_SelectedUser = objUser.ID
End Sub
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should it be


octopedAuthor Commented:
Saddly that didnt work either, same error :(
should it be

For Each obj_Fax In gl_MyFaxServer.Faxes(gl_SelectedUser)

instead of

For Each obj_Fax In MyFaxServer.Faxes(gl_SelectedUser)

wher do you defined MyFaxServer

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octopedAuthor Commented:
I'm not at work now until thursday so I cant test it now. But if it helps this http://www.brianwhitehouse.co.uk/789605.pdf is the Rightfax tutorial i'm trying to follow. its the first one in the guide. This should give you an idea of what its suposed to do.
octopedAuthor Commented:
Thanks, you were spot on, can't believe I overlooked that one.
By the way

it is good to put

Option Explicit

at the beginning on each module and form
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