increasing the distance for the wireless router

best way to increase/strengthen the reception of my wireless modem router? any good tricks i could use?
or cheap devices?

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I've seen articles that have had big increases in distance by just changing the aerials on the two devices. I can't find the one I was thinking of at the moment but here's some other suggestions:

I'll post back if I can find the link, but basically it said that they'd seen a big improvement by changing the router's and NIC's aerials to a bigger one from Radio Shack.

Besides buying another AP and setting it up on the network (which will increase your range) you can get a WAP for cheap. I'm not sure what wireless router your using now, but i'd stick to the same brand and just get the same speed Access Point from that brand.
You can get a more powerful anntena for your access points.  You can stack a Signal booter on top of an access points.  You can use mutiple access points in repeater mode.
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