Dimension 3000 specs. confusing

You already answered this question, so to be fair, I am going to open  a new question, and the question follows below as well...

This whole thing would not be an issue if the new 3000 Dimension supports a second internal drive...
Now the think I find confusing is the technical specifications, whichs say:

Internally accessible:
 one bay for 1-inch-high IDE hard drives


System board connectors:
Primary IDE drive
 40-pin connector on PCI local bus
Secondary IDE drive
 40-pin connector on PCI local bus


Maybe the secondary is the cd rom, and I have to use master/slave, should I want more than one cd rom or hard drive...

I never heard of a computer not having space for at least 2 internal hard drives.  And customer support gives me inconsistant answers...

Any Ideas?

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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
I have several dells that only support 1 hard drive internally.  In slim-line cases, this is not uncommon.  Often companies will use the same system board for multiple models of computers and so not all features can ever really be used in some.  If you're comfortable swapping CPUs out of systems, you might want to consider building a custom system, buying the case, CPU, power supply, hard drives, memory, etc from other vendors and assembling it yourself.  If you want to learn this stuff, it's a good way to start and you have control over everything in your system.

They also make adapter kits that can allow you to connect external drives via SATA connections - I've never used one, but I've seen a couple of them on sale at Microcenter, if memory serves.

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kamleshmistryAuthor Commented:

Gee, I wonder, even if it doesn't have spot for a second drive, could I squeeze it in the box some how?
Even if it doesn't have a place on the motherboard for it to plug in, I can use a promise card, and squeeze it in the box (won't be very nice and organized, but I am not going to open the box anyway...)

Should work, should it not?

(Promise card is used to plug in to the pci slot and give extra connections for ide drives, i think...)
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
I just looked up the 3000 with the pictures of it open.  if you get ONLY one optical drive, you can then get an adapter kit and put a second hard drive in it where the second optical drive would go.  I wouldn't try to rig anything else though - remember - new computers heat up and rigging something could affect airflow and the stability of the PC.

Any reason you're attached to the 3000, byt the way?
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kamleshmistryAuthor Commented:
The price vs. quality...

free shipping
10% off
Flat panel upgrade
Memory upgrade (1/2 gig)
Windows XP Pro.

All far about 600 bucks

For day to day use, isn't having integrated graphics and sound more efficient, or would video capture suffer?

For day to day use.. it depends on what you want to use. i have a couple of Dim 3000 with me here and they are doing great. you cannot connect a second hdd as the chasis does not support that. but  you can try using a longer cable and have an 'External' hdd.
Sorry for the previous post.. it does support two HDD. but make sure that you order both of tehm along with the system. The reason is that tehre is a different cage assembly (bracket) that is required for connecting the second HDD and DELL soes not sell that seperately( to my knowledge. My sysem does not have that)
kamleshmistryAuthor Commented:
I don't think Dimension 3000 is capable of holding 2 HDD's...
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