dns requests

my fileserver is acting as the first dc in the single site and is also acting as the dns server

when this is down for example when it needs to be rebooted users have problems accessing email so am i correct in saying that exchange cannot resolve itself when the dc is unavailable there is an external dns server but exchange still has problems

to resolve this should i add the ip of the second dc in the site to handle dns requests under forwarders in the dns properties of the first dc??

hope this isnt confusing!
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If you have a second DC, you should make your DNS zones Active Directory Integrated and install DNS on the second DC.

If you use DHCP (or not) the Secondary DNS server should be your second DC.  This will provide the redundancy you want.

netman is right but i want to add a little.... on your exchange server,, make sure that it points to the first DC for primary dns and the second DC for backup dns,, that way if it tries to do a dns query on the first and it is down, it will then look to the second DC/DNS server to resolve the query.

I assume you have exchange 2000,, if so right-click on your exchange server in exchange system manager and choose properties,, then look at the directory access tab,  make sure that your exchange server "knows" about all your DCs

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DON'T add the ip of the second dc to the forwarders list of the first dc.

DO add DNS to the second dc and configure all of your workstaions and servers with dc #1 as primary DNS server and dc #2 as secondary DNS server

The forwarders are used to resolve lookups of domains unknown to you DNS server.
dcreedonAuthor Commented:
this is great thanks for all your help
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