HttpUnit Testing

I am trying to write HttpUnit test case for a JSP page. The JSP page is a Struts JSP page with struts tags. The JSP page has following structure
< html: form action = "/">
<tr><td><html:text property = "prop1" />Prop1</td></tr>
<tr><td><html:text property = "prop2" />Prop2</td></tr>
<tr><td><html:image alt = "Add" src= "../images/add.gif" property="add"></html:image>

I would the testcase to show the clicking of the add button. How do I do this?? I am not able it to recognise the source of the image and invoke submit . Any sample code that would tell me how to do this would be good.



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if you have Struts then u would be better off using StrutsTestCase

This has all the info for testing your jsp
ramani081399Author Commented:
   I have gone to this site and I dont find any useful material. I need to test my JSP pages.
   So, I need to still solve my problem.
what do u mean didnt fine any userful material. r u looking for something which validates your JSP to see if everything is correct in the JSP or do you want to test whether the control is going proprely to the jsp's
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ramani081399Author Commented:
Yes the link that u mention does not give me the code to start off. I need to test the JSP page in a portlet environment. I can get all other things like validation and checking if the fields exist or not in the JSP page

Have you considered Cactus?

It provides the extension for JUnit testing but for severside code such as servlets or jsps : for a jsp specific article

Strutstestcase is built on top of Cactus Mock Objects....

Anyway the sample code for StrutsTestCase can be found in these articles

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can you close this question... its been more than 3 months...........
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