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Is there anyway is MSCRM you can see what has been done throughout the day (what meeting etc have taken place) in the log files (or would you need to create a Crystal Report in order to see this information?) Thanks.
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There is a log file of who has logged into the system, and also the event log will show errors and W3C (world wide web services) errors and logs... however, the information in the log for the W3C is not very detailed, just more of a "user DOMAIN\Username logged in at 11\18\2004 12:04:01" kinda stuff....  in order to see what has actually taken place during the day, Id reccomend using the Activity Report in Crystal Reports. See what Activities have been completed for the day etc. I have never personally used Crystal for that, but I am sure it is possible and also the best way to do so. As far as using SQL is concerned, the StateCode = 1 value in the dbo.Account view should show you what was completed or just use the "ModifiedOn" column also in the dbo.Account view to see who has worked on stuff for that day, and run the report daily against the:
AccountBase, ContactBase, InvoiceBase, ActivityBase tables.
That should give you a more general look at what has gone on.
If you want a sample SQL Script give this a try on your Account view:
SELECT name, PrimaryContactIdName, Address1_Line1, Address1_Line2, Address1_City, Address1_StateOrProvince, Address1_PostalCode, OwnerIdName, ModifiedOn from dbo.Account WHERE ModifiedOn ='todaysdate'

Run that against the Organization_Name_MSCRM database in Query Analyzer.
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