Perl TCP Server respond with junk

Hello -

Having trouble with Perl TCP client/server socket.  Connects great, can pass string to server from client, but the return
from the server is junk or more specifially "IO::Socket::INET=GLOB(0x34b1638)"  Expecting "Got it text" from server print
statement.  What am I missing to get junk back rather than the intended text.  Many Thanks!!


use IO::Socket::INET;

my $port = "5001";
my $MaxConn = 5;

my $socket = IO::Socket::INET->new('LocalPort' => $port,
                           'Proto' => 'tcp',
                           'Listen' => $MaxConn,
                                   'Reuse' => 1)
    or die "Can't create socket ($!)\n";

print "\n(ddmmyyyyhhmm) Server listening\n";
while ($client = $socket->accept()) {

    while (<$client>) {
       (my $ClientAppId, my $ClientVersion, my $ClientAlias, my $ClientPassword) = split(/:/,$_);

     die "Can't fork: $!" unless defined (my $child = fork());
       if ($child == 0) {
        #close $client;
          print "From Client: $ClientAlias $ClientPassword\n";
          print $client 'Got it';
    close $client
      or die "Can't close ($!)\n";
die "Can't accept socket ($!)\n";

# client

use IO::Socket::INET;
use strict;

my $name = '';
my $port = 5001;

my $socket = IO::Socket::INET->new('PeerAddr' => $name,
                           'PeerPort' => $port,
                           'Proto' => 'tcp')
    or die "Can't create socket ($!)\n";

print "Client sending\n";
print $socket "hello test";
print "Socket Response: $socket\n";

close $socket
    or die "Can't close socket ($!)\n";

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Like this:
$msg="This is the message";

print "\nReceived message '", $text,"'\n";

128 is the max message size.

here ya go:

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