Hi, I'm unable to run my DNC/DHCP Management Console. I receive the error: "LA002: Fail to create NDS context". Doing some searches I get pointed to the file "dnsdhcp3.exe" on the Novell web site and run into dead ends. I need to modify the dhcp scope on my Novell 5 server from a XP/2000 pc with client ver. 4.90. Can this be done directly on the server?

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"I need to modify the dhcp scope on my Novell 5 server from a XP/2000 pc with client ver. 4.90. Can this be done directly on the server?"

This Scope is in an NDS object. It is possible to directly edit NDS objects in the replica on the server, but this is *not* recommended and can lead to serious problems if you don't know what you're doing.

You can use ConsoleOne at the NetWare server console, through the GUI interface (may not be running, enter "STARTX" at the console prompt to bring up the GUI if it is not yet running). ConsoleOne should be one of the choices off of the Start menu.

WHEN (exactly) do you get that error message?

Also, what VERSION of NetWare do you have? Any Support Packs?

When I asked about version, I mean v5.1 or v5.0?
timothykingAuthor Commented:
It is at 5.0. What is the quickest way to check the latest support pack. I'll try the Console One.
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If you have the DNS/DHCP Management utility installed on your workstation. Then first run Netware Administrator and from within it load DNS/DHCP.

I dont know the exact menu or icon to click. But that should work.

Good Luck


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You czn see the version and SP level of your NetWare server by going to the server console and entering --> VERSION

Note that the ConsoleOne on the server may not have all the Snap-Ins.

sstalib is correct that in the NetWare v5 environment, the NDS/DHCP server functionality was managed via a separate application, not ConsoleOne. You can find the install program for the management utility in SYS:PUBLIC\DNSDHCP, I think it was. Or SYS:PUBLIC\MGMT\DNSDHCP. I don't recall, its been so long since I played with NetWare v5.0.

Please note that NetWare v5.0 ihas been EOLed and is no longer supported. The oldest supported version of NetWare is v5.1.

<pet peeve>
"Novell" is a company. "NetWare" is a product. You have a "Netware 5 server", not a "Novell 5 server".
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Novell published the following TID that identifies that error exactly:
TID 10086101 - "Error: LA002: Fail to create NDS context"

It points to downloading DNSDHCP3.EXE, which no longer is available because DNSDHCP4.EXE was released. I would suggest downloading DNSDHCP4.EXE from the following URL:


After you install, try it again. If it continues to give an error, reply back in here with the exact error along with the version/patch level of the NetWare server you are using.

Have fun!
Yes, the DNSDHCP4.EXE update fixes a number of issues in the NetWare DNS and DHCP services. I ended up installing it myself this weekend, atop the NetWare v6.5 SP2 installation of those utilities (regrettably, the DCN and DHCP management tools remain separate from ConsoleOne/iManager, even in the latest NetWare...how Micro$oftish).
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