Active Directory Script - Set Directory focus to a specific DC to make the changes on.

Hello - This is my first time on Experts Exchange.
I use the following script to disable and move my AD IIS accounts to a specific OU.  I'd like to add a line in my script which sets my Directory focus to a specific DC to make the chages on.  I've copied in the script for info.

@echo off

REM ### IIS Account Cleanup Batch File
REM ###
REM ### This script takes a computername as input and:
REM ###    a) Disables the associated IWAM and IUSR accounts in the domain
REM ###    b) Moves the associated IWAM and IUSR accounts to a separate OU.
REM ###


@Echo Disabling user IWAM_%1
dsquery user -samid IWAM_%1|dsmod user -disabled yes

@Echo Disabling user IUSR_%1
dsquery user -samid IUSR_%1|dsmod user -disabled yes

@Echo Moving user IWAM_%1
dsquery user -samid IWAM_%1|dsmove -newparent "OU=IIS Service Accounts,OU=Domain Management,DC=Child,DC=ForestRoot,Dc=net"

@Echo Moving User IUSR_%1
dsquery user -samid IUSR_%1|dsmove -newparent "OU=IIS Service Accounts,OU=Domain Management,DC=Child,DC=ForestRoot,Dc=net"

Goto :EOF

@Echo ERROR: This batch file must be passed the computername for which to disable the IIS accounts.
@Echo Correct Usage: LockIISUser [ComputerName]
Goto :EOF
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use "-s" parameter of dsquery
AMS1780Author Commented:
Thanks WeHe,

I've tried running

dsquery server -s server1

Is this the correct syntax.  All this does is list all the servers in my domain.  Could you give any advice on what the syntax should be ?

Thanks in advance.
syntax is right.
the result is ok too. "dsquery server" is supposed to list all servers in AD.
with the "-s server1" it queries this list from AD at server1.
AMS1780Author Commented:

Thats not what I'm looking for.  I'm trying to ge the script to hit a specific AD server so that I can make the changes.  For example I'd like to hit the PDC emulator everytime I run the script. (regardless of which DC it's run from)

that's what you get with "-s".
it will do the changes/queries on the server given with "-s".
of corse you have to use the "-s" parameter for your piped commands too. (dsmod/dsmove)

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