Can ping loopback, won't pickup dhcp addr, hard address fails, works on other networks

Here's the odd situation:

Have a guest at a hotel I do IT for.  He's reporting that he can't get a dhcp address, and when we configure his card with a fixed address it fails to ping itself, though it can ping loopback OK.  He says he was using the wired card in his office, yesterday, and he was on wireless down the street at Starbucks earlier today.  

Nobody else in the hotel has problems with dhcp, so it's not the switch or other infrastructure.  

My guess is his network card has gone south.  Any other ideas?
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Hi itgb,
Well, without knowing the Operating System ... if it is XP have you tried doing the winsock fix?

Do you get link lights?

itgbAuthor Commented:
Sorry, it's WinXP, sp 1.

It does get link lights, and we've tried different cables and different wall ports.  

Haven't tried the winsock fix, will try that.  
It could be your card - could be your cable - could be the RJ45 connector.  Set manually an IP in the same subnet as the DHCP Server, reboot, and then try to ping it.

Got any firewalls operating?  Try shutting them down before you ping!

Are there enough free IP's available on the Server?  Check it out!  You may already be logged on once, and settings prevent a secondary logon.

Hope this helps.
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If you get a loopback reply; it could be another device answering the loopback. If you configure it to use fixed address and ping it from your own machine, it may be well a few of the followings;
a. Drivers.
b. A Windows 'disabled' NIC (they tend to be disabled if you unplug a network cable while the device is on.
c. Malfunction NIC.

Try to check if the NIC is disabled via OS (i.e. Right-Click 'My Network Places' => Choose 'Properties' and verify the NIC's status (Or if it is available at all)). Also, try to see the 'Event Viewer' (System) for any errors...

Hope that helped

Failing to ping itself is something worth to remember... what can be the reason for that?
- no or false connection to the switch/hub... mostly the network will be marked as unreachable or unplugged.
   suggestion: use other switch port | use other cable (you did it) | use other cable type (crossed vs. standard) | use other NIC (defect)
   not suggested: don't reinstall TCP/IP, as your ping to the loopback works - test of the TCP/IP protocol
- autodetect of full duplex / half duplex setting doesn't work proper or doesn't work for that NIC
   suggestion: just try any setting but no autodetect - perhaps think of 10/100MBit autodetection too

if nothing works just reinstall a new version of the driver software (perhaps try this FIRST) - it's very annoying to see that everything works in the newest release (I've done that sometimes !)

good luck

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itgbAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestions, guys.  When the guest returns tonight, we'll work on these.  
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