printer problem

I've installed windows 2003 server on a machine so when I installed the brother 1470n
printer on the machine it wouldn't print I kept getting the error document failed to print
I went to the brother web site to download a recent driver for the printer on the machine running 2003 server and still got the same error message this only does this on win 2003 server everything else is fine
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First question is :
How is it connected?
If it is a parallel port, check the port settings in the bios, it may need epp or ecp enabling.
If it is a network port, are you using a standard tcp/ip port?
Can you ping it?
Can you connect to the web server built into it?
anthony3422770Author Commented:
it is a network printer  using the standard tcp/ip port
also I can ping it but I can't print from it
the print job hits the printer queue and then I get the error message
document couldn't print not those exact words I'm all out of ideas
what do you think?
How is the queue set up?
Look in configure port ( make sure the print queue is empty)
Are you using port 9100 or lpr?
If 9100, try using lpr. set the queue name to "print" , "port1" or "auto" These are quite common queuenames.

Try typing the printers ip address into Internet explorer` address bar.
this should bring up the printers webpage, and you might get some info from there.
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Another thought, have you set up the accesories and the paper sizes in the print driver properties?
anthony3422770Author Commented:
I tried doing what you said about changing the queue name  but no luck and also when I try typing the address of the printer in IE I don't get the printers webpage but I can Ping the address fine

I also set up another printer a brother 5170dn and it works fine and I did the exact installation as I did with the brother 1470n I can't figure it out

If you unplug the printer, and try and ping it, do you get a response?
If so, something else has the same IP address.

Check the printers IP and subnet mask.

do you have any internal routers on your network?
If so, you will need to add the gateway to the printer settings.
anthony3422770Author Commented:
I've checked that and also I have a machine running 2003 server and it prints from the same printer so I checked the settings on that machine and applied the same settings to the one I'm having problems with and still no luck I've even updated the drivers for it off of the brother website   what next???
If you cannot open the printer`s web page, then this is either a network problem, or the printer NIC is faulty.
Can you access the webpage from another PC?

Could be several things::

Access is being blocked by a firewall or anti-virus software

There is an access mask set up on the printer which excludes your server`s IP.

There is a problem with some other software on the server which is blocking the TCP/IP port.

By the way, I found out that the  correct name of the printer`s LPR port is BINARY_P1 (it is case sensitive) you could try that again.

Are there any  relevant entries in the event logs?


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On the Brother website, it suggests using the HL1270N driver for the HL1470N. Trying that might eliminate driver issues.
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