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FTP service on OS X versus OS X Server

I'm just curious if there is a difference between the FTP service offered with the standard Panther client and that offered on Panther Server (10.3.X).

I access numerous FTP sites for web design and maintenance and the only one I seem to have issues with is the one client who hosts their web site on OS X. However, I found out that they are using the client version versus the server version of the OS.

I get various "file ignored" and "cannot connect" errors when using Dreamweaver, but I can eventually connect and see folders and files if I click enough times! However,  I do have problems copying files, especially PDF files (most aren't that big) for whatever reason and usually end up using Timbuktu to transfer the files.

Just wanted to know if the OS version could be the issue.

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Peter LoobuyckCommented:
Sure there is a difference. Not the protocol, but the services that handle the protocol. The OSX client is a personal computer operating system, whereas the OS server a server system is. This means that for FTP there priority for FTP connections much higher is on the server that on the client.

Besides that, i know that dreamweaver needs a very good ftp connection to link to any FTP server. A workaround may be to pur or get files with a 'light' ftp client and then work with dreamweaver to make changes. It may be possible to work with dreamweaver once you synchronised the site with that 'light' ftp client.
jtlyonsdenAuthor Commented:
In speaking with the IT guy (we've been going back and forth on this for a while), I discovered that he's not using the Mac OS X client FTP service, but an application called Rumpus (3.5, I believe). Would the native OS X FTP service (client or server) work better than this?

BTW - I've tried using Fetch (is this a "light FTP client"?) and get similar results (unreliable connections and file transfers).

Anyone else have input to offer?

Any documentation on this issue would be appreciated.

Thanks for the initial response.
Peter LoobuyckCommented:
Well, I'ld use the built-in FTP service. Problem is that you can't configure folders to share with FTP. Best thing for the guy that is running the server is to create a user for you and let you upload files to the public folder. Then you can upload files to the FTP server and he can read them. If you are working on a site, use the sites folder.

About the ftp client, my experiences are best with transit. However I don't know how the latest version of Fetch handles FTP connections..


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