Formatting Excel Links in Word Doc

I have a rather simple Word doc that is updated with information contained in a variety of cells in Excel. Links work just fine...used copy, paste special, paste link, formated text...I went to each link in the Word doc, double clicked to highlihght the linked text, did a format with font=Arial, size=12, style=bold...looks good. saved. When I update the info in the XL cell(s) and it updates in Word just fine, but formatting is lost...most noteably, style is regular, not bold. Is there a simple vba routine that can set all formatting for fields when updated?

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how did you link the cells to your word doc.  If you format your cells in Excel where your linking from, and paste link in a RTF format in word your formats should carry over into your Word doc from Excel.  In other words whatever you then change on the excel cell value, font, size, color, etc..  will carry into the Word doc.

Hope this helps...
Also I should add, there are ways to do this via VBA.. just thought this may be slightly easier.
Let me know if you need more info on the vba.

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ronaldjAuthor Commented:
Hey CAVcc,

Thanks for the response. Yeah, I kinda stumbled into your solution this AM playing the XL cells are formatted dictates the format of the link in Word. Shoulda guessed since the paste special option is formatted text, duh!  As a precaution, I wrote some vba script for Worksheet On_Open to set the cell formatting, just to be sure, then call up the Word template. Thanks again.

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