Concatenate Column Names using Dynamic SQL

I need to use Dynamic SQL. For the sake of simplicity, I will omit a large portion of the code along with the parameter passing. I have included the part of the code where I receive an error. Part of the result set is two columns concatenated, separtated by a hyphen.

SELECT BranchNumber + ' - ' + BranchName from MyTable
      ....This returns:   5050 - Boston

But I get a syntax error on this portion when using dynamic SQL.

exec ('SELECT BranchNumber' + ' - '  + 'BranchName from MyTable')

**BranchNumber and BranchName are both varchar
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I think it was to do with the way you are building the string

try this instead

exec ('SELECT BranchNumber + '' - '' + BranchName from MyTable')


Try to use 2 single quotes instead of 1 around the - and you don't need the quotes after Brachnumber and before Branchname.

This is because for the EXEC statement you create a string

exec ('SELECT BranchNumber + ''- ''  + BranchName from MyTable')

If you print your statement above, you'll see that your trying to execute the following line...

SELECT BranchNumber - BranchName from MyTable

SQL thinks you're trying to subtract BranchName from BranchNumber...

Try this...

EXEC ('SELECT BranchNumber + '' - ''  + BranchName from MyTable')

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jvoconnellAuthor Commented:
Thank you all. All statements worked and  I got a little more knowledge from all of you.

Thanks a million!!
Glad you learnt something aswell as got your answer! :)


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