Multiple Exchange servers in one AD

OK, this is going to be an "odd" quiestion.  I work for a state government office.  I work for the Judicial branch.  Our IT office is run seperatly from the Executive branch.  But we share a WAN along with WINS, DNS, etc.

The court currently does not have it's own Active directory.  We're still NT4.  But we are making plans to move to AD.  We could join the Excutive branch's AD system, or build our own.  They also have an Exchange 2000 server, while we still have 5.5.

So here's the question.  If we join their AD system, will our Exchange server (when upgraded to 2003) be able to be accessed by the Executive branch?  I'm assuming so, but I'm trying to find out information about any specifics to that.

The big concern is regarding seperation of powers.  In short, the Judicial branch wishes to keep the Executive branch out of the court's data and emails.  The court deals in priviledged information that they can't have access too.

Thanks in advance.  Any white papers, documents, etc you can point to would sure help out.
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David WilhoitSenior Consultant, ExchangeCommented:
You can only have one Exchange org per forest, end of story. So whoever joins which AD, you'll need to leave the 5.5 behind. (5.5 cannot be upgraded to 2003, can only be migrated. Hope I'm not splitting hairs on that one). You're going to need to define "access to documents" before you decide how to lay this out. Most likely, it's defined by the state. Check their policy about this. It's possible you'll need a different forest and Exchange org, but I doubt it.


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NDnickbAuthor Commented:
That's pretty much what I've been hearing.  So if the court's join their AD, will will join their Exchange org.  Once the court is on their Exchange org, they will technically have access to the court's Exchange.

As far as policies go, there isn't a whole lot on inter-branch sharing of info.  With certain exceptions, it's all open to "freedom of info act".  But it's those exceptions that are the sticking piont.

As far as the Exchange upgrade goes, I pretty much planned on a migration anyway.  So that shouldn't be a problem.

Thanks for the info.
David WilhoitSenior Consultant, ExchangeCommented:
You can always add an Exchange server, change the admin group, and then you can restrict management of any server in that AG to the admins you decide.

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