TSQLStoredProc - DBExpress issue

I am migrating from BDE to DBExpress. I want to use my current stored procedures in the BeforeUpdateRecords call, and placed a TSQLStoredProc on the datamodule. First, when I click the dropdown to view available stored procedures, none show (I am using MS SQL 2000). Second, when I type it in and add my parameters manually, and run the app, when it calls the stored procedure, I get the following error message "List index out of bounds(0)". I've double-checked my list of parameters and they match my stored procedure
(included @RETURN_VALUE at 0). What am I overlooking on two counts - finding list of available stored procedures and the error message.
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DARRAHAuthor Commented:
There is a SchemaName property on the TStoredProc component that must be set to the schema name of the user that created/or has rights to the storedproc
that exists on the server.

For example if the stored proc was created on MSSQL as the admin 'sa' login... then the schema name would be 'dbo'. You can use the Enterprise Manager to discover what the schema name is for that particular object. Also using the Enterprise Manager you can grant permission for other users to access the server object.
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