Kids "Interface" for Windows XP...

I am looking for something to replace the regular "Explorer" shell for Windows XP.  Basically I have a toddler that will be using a PC and I just want an interface to automatically come up for him to choose the program.  I through about writing a web page and replacing the shell with internet explorer and have it go to that page in kiosk mode.  The problem is that he could still close IE.  So, I was wondering if there is something out there that will replace the Windows XP shell with something simple for my kid to click on.

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You could make a user account for him with nothing on the desktop exept for shortcuts to programs he needs. You could hide the taskbar and/or just disable everything but log off!

Let us know if you need help doing this, thats what we are for :)

Good Luck!!

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spheretechincAuthor Commented:
By "hiding the taskbar" do you mean where it is really there but when you move the mouse down there it "pops up"?  Do you know if Windows XP has the single-click feature for shortcuts (that whole hyperlink for shortcuts thing)?  I guess I could do this.  Not real elegant but, I think it would work.
single click can be attained by this
open my computer
go to tools > folder options
under click items as follows , choose single click to open an item..

give us more details on what you mean by
>> an interface to automatically come up for him to choose the program.

and why do you want him NOT close IE ???
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spheretechincAuthor Commented:
What I was thinking was a program (or web page) that would load instead of the standard Windows XP interface (Start menu, etc).  And this "interface" or program would be used to lauch other programs (kids programs, probably only 10 or so).  This would keep them from getting into other things and "messing" up the computer.

What I meant about not being able to close IE was that is this interface was a web browser and they closed IE it woulod just load back up.

I don't know.  I know I have seen programs like this before for kiosks.  Basically a replacement for the Explorer shell.
Have you thought about the possibility of allowing your kids to login as guest mode.. that way he cannot do much of messing around..  just a thought..

He will not be able to install new programs or tweak most of the OS files etc etc..

I don´t mean by being able to unhide it, drag it down so it can´t be seen unless draged up again to the right spot. Come to think of it it wouldn´t matter if only log off would be available from the start menu! Try this:
Click the start button-> choose run from the menu-> in the Open: line type: mmc   and press enter-> when the console opens click CTRL+M
->click the add button->choose group policy from the menu and click add, click finish and then click close. Click OK. Under User configuration and there under Administrative templates, you can lock a lot of ****. Try it out but don´t lock yourself out! :)
What you have seen are computers made to close the explorer.exe and run other programs outside of explorer, not worth trying to config in your case, but that is only my oppinion. Let us know if you need more help!!

Good Luck!!
spheretechincAuthor Commented:
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