vim VS GUI editors like UltraEdit?

I said I would make a small challenge soon...
Why would I want to make a challenge? Because it's exactly where much of truth is born - comes to light for both parties. And what ever is right will be clear on the bottom line...

So I'm just trying to discover if vi... editor has just as many options as other GUI editors...
Because I just can't see my self preferring it over latest GUI editors which are natural for humans (95% of information we perceive is visual - thus naturally we should take advantage of all the possible benefits and benefit and be more productive)

Maybe at the end of this discussion we will find new frontiers - new options - maybe I'll have more use for vi or switch to vi or vice versa - someone might see them selves more efficient with advantages of GUI and latest editors... but one thing that's for sure is that we will learn something new...

So i.e. can vi: such editors as UltraEdit have some very advanced features, most accessible by keyboard short-cuts... i.e. can vi replace string a for b in all *.html files and provide a pleasing output of what and where was replaced where i.e. opening any edited file simply involves right-clicking (or option key - left of right control) on the path and selecting open the location, and it's opened it a tab on top! The visual advantages just put them both into two different dimensions - not even able to be compared - because GUI gives so many advantages...

(do not forget I'm not taking about just UltraEdit but all those advanced GUI editors and don't forget 100% of options can be archived without touching the mouse too)

Or to look at it the other way: i.e. would you browse websites that looked like vi or that are media/functions rich?
What do you think?
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Depends on how and where you use the editor.

For example, if you log on to a remote Unix server over a modem connection, using any GUI editor is going to be *very* slow and a pain to use.

Sure there are some great features in some of the GUI editors (if you like that sort of thing), but the good thing about vi (and its variants) is that you will find it on all Unix systems and a lot of other OS's as well.  This means you can learn it once and use it everywhere.

You may spend some time learning a GUI editor, but that's not going to be much good when you can't use it for whatever reason.

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   GUI is user friendly to hand-on, rich complex features in some ways.
   vi is fast and unified operation (how to use) in every Unix/Linux world.


Besides the fact that ultraEdit is rigged to be incompatible with UNIX ???
graphical widgets generally distract attention from main information, so it is perceived in simplistic manner, this is main cause all PowerPoint presentations are touted informative, but contains no information as such.
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