FP Server Extensions Permissions on subwebs not working for groups

I've created an intranet using FrontPage 2003 on a Windows 2003 server.  I have an Intranet that contains several subwebs.  The subwebs are setup with Unique Permissions and anonymous browsing is turned off.  I have given several Active Directory groups permisson on the subwebs.

For some groups, the permission settings are not working.

For example, we have a group in Active Directory called IT National Contractors which contains several groups such as Auburn-CA Information Technology Contractors, Auburn-WA Information Technology Contractors, Aurora Information Technolgy Contractors, Chesterfield Information Technolgy Contractors, and Dayville Information Technology Contractors.

Members of several of the groups such as Auburn-WA Information Technology Contractors and Dayville Information Technology Contractors cannot access the subwebs.  Even though they are a member of a group which has permission on the subweb, when they try to access a page on the subweb, they get challenged to authenticate and then are denied access.

If I add the people in directly with their Domain\LoginID they can access the page just fine.

Does anybody have any idea why the FrontPage Server Extensions 2002 do not seem to be able to work for these groups?
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Under IT National Contractors you have some groups working and some are not, right?

If yes,  see the difference between the working and non working groups?
Remove the non working groups and rebuild them?
Check server extensions
Check licensing (number of allowed users)

Let me know


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SBLfromNSAuthor Commented:
Thanks!  I took another look at the groups and the difference between working and non-working groups.  I didn't have the Active Directory tools to examine the groups directly and an Active Directory person had looked at them a few weeks ago and said that they were OK.

This time, I took a non-working group and examined it within IIS.  Within IIS v6, I right clicked on the website and clicked on 'Permissions'.  Then clicked the 'Advanced' button.  I chose the 'Effective Permissions' tab and selected one of the non-working groups.  The group came up as not a valid group.  I went back to the Active Directory guy and it turns out that some of the groups I was using were mis-configured as 'Distribution' (email) groups rather than security groups.

Problem solved!  Thanks again!
You are welcome
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