Messages "Sent As" another user appear in actual sender's sent items.

We are in an exchange 5.5 environment.  

My boss is running Outlook 2000 on Windows XP Home.   His secretary has permissions in Exchange to "Send As" him.  I have verified this by going into Exchange administrator, opening my boss's mailbox, viewing the permissions tab and I do see his secretary's account with the role of "Send As".

Now, he says that when she USED TO send out messages AS him (Not on his behalf) and that a copy of the message always appeared in his INBOX, not SENT ITEMS.  He says this is no longer working, and that he does not receive a copy of the message at all.

My question(s): By default, when sending as another user (Secretary sending a message AS the boss), is a copy of the message delivered to the (sent items or inbox) of the boss, the person actually sending the message, or both?  Where would this be configured; Outlook or Exchange?

As I mentioned above, my boss says this used to happen and is no longer working.  We do not have any rules in place in either his or his secretary's Outlook.

I am assuming that he is wrong, a copy is left in the actual sender's sent items, and he would not get a copy unless a rule was in place or the message was deliberately sent to him.
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We used to have the exact saem setup here.

By default if I Sent As someone else, the message would appear in my own Sent items folder.

I know Outlook has options that define where you keep a copy of Sent Items, either with the original message or in your Sent items folder.

Maybe the secretary replied to an item in your bosses mailbox, and had the option set to save the reply with the original message. I havent tested it (I cant get Send As working propelry in Exchange 2003 , I have a question posted here somewhere....) but that sounds like it might then make that reply visible to your boss. Perhaps she has changed that setting on her version of outlook....?



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abenageAuthor Commented:
Procedurally, the secretary is supposed to BCC the boss.  She failed to do so, and the boss didn't recieve the copy.

From my investigations, only the actual sender will have the "Sent Item", not the person being "Sent As".
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