Pointers on programming ( pointer to another question worth 500 points ! )

I want to know anything that I could do to help me get in to the programming field, resources such as tutorials online, reccomended books and such like, which languages are best for what, etc.


The above URL is the question worth 500 points, however if you look at the question above first before answering and then come back here, I will make this question worth 500 as well because I want as much help as possible with regards to resources, history on the popular languages or any other info that is relevant to programming.

I am a begginer and would like to learn as much as possible and already have made some programs in visual basic but want to move on to the more complex stuff as well as move on to other languages.

Thanks for all your time and effort !

FYI - I want reccomended books for C++ and Visual Basic for now and then if anyone can make suggestions or recomendations on any other books for other languages like Java or ASP, PHP and such like and recomended tutorials etc for them, I would very much appreciate that !
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Shane Russell2nd Line Desktop SupportAsked:
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I also started out in Visual Basic, only wrote a few programs, and then moved on to C++ (this was about 6 years ago). The first c++ book I read was Beginning Visual C++ 6 by Ivor Horton.  I think though that it would be easier to start out with learning Java rather than C++. That is what is the curriculum for AP and all the colleges i know of for incoming freshman. My college, University California San Diego, has incoming computer science majors who have little prior programming experience, read the book "Absolute Java" by Savitch. I have read that book, and I do recommend it. I have not read any other books on Java to compare it to, but i think the book does a good job of teaching fundamentals of computer science while teaching you the Java language.

So in summary, my advice to you is read a book on Java. I recommend "Absolute Java" by Savitch.
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Julian HansenCommented:
This PAQ might be helpful as well.


There is a lot of useful information in the responses posted that you might find helpful in addition to the posts above.
Www.programmersheaven.com you'll find many things there... Also, which version of vb do you write progs to?
I would recommend beginning with something simple like turbo pascal... You can also download t.p. 5.5 for free and
besides that there are a lot of good tutorials for that language... this should give you an idea about programming...
And you'll be able to move to more serious stuff quite quickly.
Shane Russell2nd Line Desktop SupportAuthor Commented:
Just to let everyone know I will be leaving this question open for a while to see if I get any other comments or replys. I just want to say thank you for all the help and URL's etc and I will most likely split the points before the question is closed !
i used deitel visual basic .net how to program to learn vb.net....i went to devry and graduated a term before .net was released.  then a company called me to give me a job--said it was a vb program--i accepted--it wasn't...it was vb.net program so i learned and i'm still working here lol
split it is
Julian HansenCommented:
agree with split
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