Business Analyst Interview Questions

Hi, thanks in advance for your responses. I am applying for a business analyst role at a finance company whose main product is a "platform" that is used by financial professionals. I have an interview coming up and to be honest, I am not sure what to expect from the interview because it seems a business analyst's description is not consistent from job post to job post. I am assuming it's more in line with what a systems analyst would be doing i.e. designing documents, doing some quality assurance tasks, etc. My question is, what sort of things can I expect to be prepared for for this type of interview? Obviously anything is fair game, but what are some common things that I can expect? I appreciate your feedback. Thanks.
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Maybe you should check out the companies website and see what they're up to.  
Hi frogpad

Few points to do and expect.

1.) You can ask the interviewer the content of the interview, ask them if you need to prepare anything for the interview?; what is the interview process?; how long will it be?, etc... the interviewer will give you some details but not all the details, they will propably tell you it's a one-on-one interview or it's a group exercise, depending on which round of interview you in.

2.) If it's the first round interview, it nothing hectic, if you ask them what's it about? They will say, this interview is for us (the company) to know you better and also give you an opportunity to know the company. So go to their website, look at their brochure, know the company information.

Prepare for:
2.1) Why would you like to join our company?
2.2) Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years time? (If you would like to be humourous, you can reply "In 5 years time, I think I will see myself in the mirror" ---> lol lame??)
2.3) What can you offer to the company? Skills, personality, etc....
2.4) You areas of interest, why are you interested in finance, etc....
2.5) Very important, I think, also prepare some questions to ask the interviewer, this shows that you are enthusiastic and keen for the job.

3.) Second round interviews, probably some kind of group exercise where the group get given a case study and need to work through the case study and discuss the solution. This is to see how well you do in a group environment, or it could be just a one person case study. Again you can ask the interviewer the content of the interview to be more prepared.

Prepare for:
3.1) If it's really a group exercise, try take the leading role, if that fails, try take the secondary role, if all that fails, at least show that you are active in the discussion and enthusiastic about the discussion, etc....
3.2) Nothing else you can really prepare for really, comes with experience.....

Round 3, 4, 5 again different content, could be contract negotiation, etc..... Know how to negotiate your paycheck!

Hope this helps :)

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most of the time the companies conduct behavioral interviews. just type that stuff on google and look through some sample questions. It's all about how you dealt with certain situations in a past and depending on your answers they will figure out how likely you are to resolve similar situations in a future
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Sohel RanaCommented:

There are no limit of questions they can ask. So, I suggest you to prepare according to the ordinary questions like you will find in the following urls. Besides, I suggest you to know more information about the company profile (in which company you are applying) and detail information.

frogpadAuthor Commented:
Ok great, I've made it past the first round and it was primarily the run of the mill type questions such as behavioral. However the first round was with the finance folk. Next week will be the Tech folk, I guess now that I am more familiar with the organization now I can have a better guess at what they are looking for. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!
Sohel RanaCommented:
Thanks frogpad. Good Luck !

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