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Search and Sort in a Simple Database

Hello to anybody, I need help on creating a program that allowed the user to search or sort on a database on student information.

In this program each stduent has fields: name, student ID, phone number, and grade

-name field has student's last and first names
-student ID had five digits from 0 to 9
- phone number has 10 characters
-grade is an integer between 0 to 99

What the problem is that how will I create a string array or a multiarray string that allows the user's to search the database by student's name, studend ID, phone number or grade and sort the database by any of the four fields upon the user's choice then prints out all the records in the database in database in Ascending order.

I am not sure if I am clear enough on my question but if there is anything unclear please let me know. thank you
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Kent OlsenData Warehouse Architect / DBACommented:
Hi Ofakile1,

You're going to need several things to organize the data in a way that makes access/sorting easy.  The easiest, though wordiest, approach will be to write a search routine for every field upon which you might want to search.

Define a structure that defines the fields you want to track.  Below is an example.  Adjust it to fit your needs.

typedef struct
  char LastName[20];
  char FirstName[20];
  int  ID;
  char Phone[11];
  int  Grade;
} Student_t;

If you'll store your data as an array of pointers to the records, sorting is very easy, as is searching.

Student_t **StudentList = NULL;  /*  Array of student records  */
int       StudentCount = 0;      /*  Number of records in the StudentList array  */

From here, it's simply a matter of writing routines to AddStudent(), SortByName(), SearchByFirstName(), SearchByLastName(), etc.

Good Luck!

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