Win98 PC can not establish VPN connection to Windows 2000 Server error 650

    I have setup a VPN server on Win2K server.  It seems to be working fine.  I can VPN internally in to the server.  However when anyone tries to VPN from the outside, they get stuck at "Verifying User name and Password" screen.  After about 20 secondes it errors out (with error #650 on WinME machine).
    Company uses Cisco 675 DSL/Router.  I have configured the NAT to open 1723 TCP and 47 GRE.  I also setup Terminal services and that is working just fine from remote PC's.  I'm pretty sure that the problem is not on the server but with the router configuration.  I just can't figure out where :(  
    Has anyone ever ran in to this kind of an issue?  Any help would be greatly appreciated! (Company's boss is leaving for vacation on Friday, and he wants to be able to VPN in to his PC at work, so it's kinda urgent that I get it going)
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Firstly   i think it is a hardware problem please try to access from two or three different locations may be this could solve it

How do you test it through dialup or DSL from remote location check with ur ISP blocking these ports.

and secondly Check the protocol you use i mean PPTP is being used as secure or any type of ecryption you may be using etc.

Hope this helps


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dkuhlmanAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your posting.  I have acutally determined that the problem is the router itself.  It is an older technology Cisco 675 DSL modem and they are using CAP line technology which is very likely not accepting GRE packets through (At least that is what I have been told by the ISP techs)  I have already put in a request for a new DSL Actiontec Router/modem.  And Qwest is going to do a mode transfer from CAP to DMT.  
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