Router: failed to connect to the SMTP Host because the server is not responding.

When trying to send mail from Lotus Notes to Hotmail email accounts. The following message is bounced back:

"Router: failed to connect to the SMTP Host because the server is not responding."

Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?

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Are you running a PIX firewall?  If so, there is a bug in the IOS that might be causing that error.

If not, that error suggests that the server either can't find, or can't talk to the hotmail server.  Try this:

Go to hotmail and open a test email account.  Call it whatever you like.
From the Lotus server, open a DOS prompt.

Enter the following:

telnet 25
Test data

Substitute domain for your domain name, for your own email address and for the email address of your hotmail account.

That series of commands should send a mail from your local account to the test account you just created, but more likely you'll get an error before that.  If the error tells you what you need to know, all is good.  If not, report the error here and we'll go from there.  If you don't get an error at all, then you've got a nastier little problem and we'll try something new.

My guess is that you're on a blacklist and hotmail is blocking you.  But we'll see...  

Good luck and let me know how it goes.  

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TexalAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply

I successfully sent an email from a telnet session. I have restarted the Lotus mail routing service also just in case this helps.

Just curious by sending via telnet does this bypass the Domino server? If so do you think this may be a Domino server issue?
TexalAuthor Commented:
Just to add this email did arrive in my junk mail
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Yes, the telnet bypasses the Domino server.  What you did means that the Domino server should be completely capable of sending SMTP mail.  If you can do it through telnet, it should be able to do it too.

So, it certainly seems possible you have a problem with the Domino server.  Have you ever been able to send to hotmail?  Did something just recently change on the server?  I can't find anything on problems between hotmail and domino, so I'd say something is a little off -- it likely isn't a pure Domino problem.  
TexalAuthor Commented:
Mail being sent to hotmail is no longer bouncing, will check tonight with Hotmail users to see if the emails have been received and then let you know of the results tomorrow.

Oh.  Good to hear.  Good luck.
TexalAuthor Commented:
Emails are now being received. Thanks to the troubleshooting steps provided by Robing66066 for narrowing this issue down. At this stage it seems that the restarting of the Lotus Mail Router has had the desired effect on Hotmail related email.
Glad to hear it.  Thanks for the grade and points...
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