Correct MS Server Network Setup?

I have 5 floors of a building. Most of the computers are on the 2nd floor. They all come to a patch bay on the 2nd floor. The 5th floor has it's own patch bay that sends of it's ports down to 2 ports on the 2nd floor patch bay. 3rd and 4th floors all come to a patch bay on the 3rd floor which sends 2 ports down to the 2nd floor patch bay. Same deal with the 1st floor and the basement.

The 2nd floor patch bay is where the server and major network gear is.

Here's how i have it set up now:

(1) Sonic Wall FireWall.
(1) DSL modem, pluged into the WAN port on the Sonic Wall
(2) 8 port switches. Port 1 of each plugged into ports 1 and 2 of the Sonic Wall's LAN port with a cross over patch cord.
(1) 24 port switch with auto MDI/MDI-X. Port 1 of this plugged into port 3 of the Sonic Wall's LAN with a regular patch cord.

All remaining ports of switches plugged into the patch bay which either go to individual computers on the 2nd floor/printers  or go to one of the ports the end up on other floors.

The ports the end up on other floors are then plugged into their own 8 port switches, which then plug into that floors patch bay ports which go to individual computers/printers.

I have a windows small business server plugged directly into port 2 of the 24 port switch.

I plan to have the entire second floor part of the domain, and a few other computers on other floors. the rest of the computers will NOT be part of the domain, but should have internet access via the Sonic Wall.

Is everything set up correctly for this?

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Hi Dan,

The Hardware setup sound correct for the purpose you want. It is now up to the configuration. It depends a bit on the DSL modem. When this is in bridging mode it will be transparant and it will be up to the sonicwall firewall.

Normally either one of them is configured by DHCP from your provider (if you insist with many providers you can hardcode it into the device but this is not necessary). The nameserver and default gateway on the other network (the Internet) will be in either one of them. I would go for the Lan IP address of the Sonic.

The machines in the domain use the nameserver from the network and secondary the nameserver on the sonic. You can give this ip address an A-record in your domain nameserver if you like for ease of use within the domain. Default gateway for your domain will be the ip number of the sonic. this is the easy part.

Now for the machines out of the domain. you need to use another dhcp server or hardcode the ip numbers (not recommended). Make sure you do not get dhcp conflicts on our network. Set  the other machines on a different ip range and subnet.

You are allowed to use the following ranges: - (former c-net, you can cut this one in segments by varying the subnet mask)
a B-net which I have to look up A-net. This is my favorite. I normally use this one in c-net segments, like - (subnet mask

I know nowadays we use classless nets but for this you need to constantly think way ahead and it is not likely you run out of IP possibilities with a cut up A- net with 16million ip addresses.

Please no not use any other nets within your internal network.

Let the other machines also use the Sonic as a nameserver and default gateway.

This is just one possibility to set it up. Naturally there are a lot more each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

I hope this will help you.

Best regards

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