Pix 515-E Win2000 trusts and domains

hi, i want to trust in a domain that it's not in my forest, so i want to know which ports should i open in the firewall, both domains are win2000. and also i wish to know which ports to WinNT domains, thanks.
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You want to do this over the internet, outside of a tunnel? very bad idea. I would secure the link and allow all ports, log, review logs and work backwards based on real traffic instead of expected port usage.
-If you have to do this outside of a static tunnel then at the very least allow only such traffic between the specific external IPs
gumbertAuthor Commented:
i want to do this with the domain of the sales department and im in the IT department, it´s the same network but we are in different subnets, and with different domains, it will not be across the internet.
I personally think the same applies...
On your firewall, allow all but LOG the traffic...
-Work backwards from the logs. When I say that what I mean is this....... The logs should clearly show traffic flowing back and forth through specific ports and protocols.. Note them down, investigate what they are.. Build policies based on what is really goinng on, close all ports and protocols that are not necissary... IMO this is the best way to do it.. If you insist on doing it based on what you expect to see, search on google for "ISA ports for windows domain", or what ports does domain traffic use.
Heres a good one http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=832017

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