I will have 10 machines and 3 hp printers all connected to a wireless router. All machines and printers are wireless.

How do I go about connecting these machines to these printers?  I know how to connect to these printers if I had IP addresses for the printers but they will be setup as DHCP because they will be getting signal from the wireless router.  Thanks.
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If a printer is connected to a wireless router then it should have an IP address.

Why dont you set static IP address to the printer ?

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UProphetAuthor Commented:
Does this work for PCs or just Macs?
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I would static your printer's IP addresses.  If you don't, you risk the address of the printers changing, then how are you going to print to them.  This will work for PCs and HP printers.  
Any printer can have dhcp assigned address. When you use Create nee tcp/ip port use the machine name, instead of machine address. There must be a dns where the machine can register itself dynamic, otherwise the printer will not be found.

In the network I manage we use hp network printers with dhcp assigned addresses, and dns which allow dynamic registration thru the dhcp server. Any user must know only yhe name of the machine, not it's ip address.

You can also use the address of the machine, with dhcp server, if the dhcp allow you to create reservation, giving each machine an address.

The problem is not the mode of assigning addresses to printer, but how do you find them after that. The only reasonable way is using a dns which allow dynamic update from the dhcp server.

I understand it's a workgroup environment, if it's a domain environment I have another recommendations.
It work fine for both Macs and pc
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