Small Business 2003 Server Problem

I had the following setup:

DSL modem, plugged into netgear router, plugged into 24 port switch. Switch plugged into each computer on network and server.

I then ran thru the server set up. THe netgear has always been but the SB Server wanted to make it's IP Didn't seem right but what the heck that's what it wanted to do, so i let it.  (i thought if the router was .0.1 everythign else would be .0.x right?)

So i went ahead and let it pick the default. Then i went to a client computer and ran the http://SERVER/connectcomputer  and everything went fine.

Then i tried manually switching the server's IP to  nothing worked..

Now.. turns out i had to replace the netgear router with a sonic wall. (for other reason.. mainly VPN). The sonic wall wants to make everything 192.168.168.x    and it also wanted to be the DHCP server (but I can turn it off.. but didn;t)

After the sonic wall was put in, i changed the servers ip to  and over on the clietns running the connectcomputer got the intial web site, but had issues. It said it couldn't contact the server to verify the user.

So i decided it was time to start all over again and reinstalled the server. That's where i'm at now. Went thru the OS install, now ready to run the SB Server Setup all over again.

Any suggestions on how i should proceeed? Should i turn off DHCP on the sonic wall? If i do then i need SB server to be DHCP .. how do i do that?

Also the DSL is not on yet. I just have the dsl modem plugged into the sonic wall, and gave the sonic wall set up a dummy user/pass. Once we get teh DSL (static IP) turned on i'll put in the correct settings.

Which leads me to another question.. once the DSL is turned on, and i have to run the setup internet wizard on the server, which option should go with?

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Disable the DHCP on the sonicwall. You must use the SBS server for DHCP. There is a wizard in the SBS server for setting it up. The critical things are to get the DNS server correct (it MUST be the SBS server).
If you do want to see more information, have a read through this incomplete thread that I have been working on for the last week or so:

Don't make the intelligent device (server) chase the dumb device (firewall) for network settings. Change the firewall to fit your settings - not vice versa. As you have discovered Windows doesn't like having its IP address changed. It can be done, but care must be taken to ensure that all other settings are changed as well.

Finally, once DSL is on, I don't see the point in running the internet wizard as you will have configured most things already.


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micamediaAuthor Commented:
i'll go ahead and accept your answer.. but a quick question.. what is the internet wizard for then? if i don't need it.
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