What is the best way to use xml to translate a web application into different languages?

What is the best way to use xml to translate a web application into different languages?
I want to take a web application and translate all of the web pages to about 6 different languages.

The language translation data for the labels on the screen are currently stored in a database.
I need to translate all visible text, and tool tips and all error messages in code.

Considerations: speed of performance of application vs ease of maintenance or translation data vs eas of maintenance of application.

Some thoughts:
1. creating 6 different applications is simple to implement, but a lot of work each time the web pages change.

2. using an xsl style sheet for the application layout of pages, and then transforming it with xml translation data seems to be the way to go. (only 1 copy of the application layout)
Specific questions:
* How many xml files should I have for the translation data?(1 per page, or 1 for the whole app, or 1 for each language per page, or 1 for each language for the whole app)
* Is there a wysiwig way to update the translation data?
* what other considerations should i have.
Thanks for your input.
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The best will be using technology you have, for localization capability (PHP, ASP, JSP).

But if you portal have already build on XML, certanly you should it. But if not stop reinventing the wheel.

check this link, regarding xml localization: http://www.experts-exchange.com/Web/Web_Languages/XML/Q_21163705.html

it should give you an idea to start, and then you can answer your question, and we'll discuss it.

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