Using a batch file to back up c:\ drive to a cd with Norton Ghost 2003

Hey there. I have the task of allowing non technical users to back up a partition to a cd when installing DVR equipment.

The easiest solutuion I can come up with is to use a batch file and ghost to do this. I have done some searching and discovered how to use a batch file back up to a second HDD but I have seen nothing for backing up to a CD....

Now, I need only the C:\ partition as there are serveral partitions that contain HUGE amounts of video data that does need to be backed up.

The way I see it it would be best to use a bootable cd or diskette... is there anyone that can assist me in doing this?
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Nero has a command line interface.  This is in the \program files\ahead directory   file is called NeroCmd.
seceditAuthor Commented:
Nero? What am I gonna do with nero?

I want to use ghost, Norton Ghost....
Brett DanneyIT ArchitectCommented:
Go checkout the newer (2003 or 2004) version of Ghost, it does allow backing up to CD. I have not tried the CD route, but have managed to backup the C: partition to a USB HDD all from the command prompt, booting up with a win98 disk and running a batch file that automated the ghost settings and got the process loaded.
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Isn't there an option in Ghost that allows you to build a boot floppy with CD-R drivers?  I could be mistaking this with network drivers, but the last time I looked, Ghost could do either.
seceditAuthor Commented:
I am using Ghost 2003 and am well aware of its ability to back up to a CD.

What I want to do is create a batch file that will automate the process so non technical users can perform the back up while on site. I want to do this because I cannot always be there to do it for them.

For example:
User insert bootable media, in one drive and blank media in the other.
User starts system and back up process either just goes, or a an easy to use menu allows the user to follow along without having to use the complicated Ghost menus...  (I mean conplicated for NON technical users)

If this is not possible please let me know...
Brett DanneyIT ArchitectCommented:
That can be done no problem. Check this guide to help you
You may need to modify the batch file a bit, but i am sure you will come right.

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Hi secedit :-),
Since we haven't heard from you for a couple of days could you please give us an update on the status of this question?
See: Thank you, turn123's friendly update request script.
Offtopic comments about this script to please :-).
seceditAuthor Commented:
I still have no idea how to make this hapen. the batch scripts on that page noly allow you back up to other partitions, not a CD ROM....

I will leave this question open for a short time and will close it if nothing comes up...
First of all you will need to diskets one to back up to cd and another to make your cd bootable and restore from it you will need to make your first disket with this command on the command line" -clone,mode=pdump,src=1:1,dst=@cd-r1, -z9 " with out the quotations: This will back up your firs partition on your first hard drive and to be able to make it bootable you will need the second diskett with this in the command line" -clone,mode=pload,src=@cd-r1:1,dst=1:1 " WITHOUT THE QUOTATIONS this will restore your first harddrive first partition. and by the way not all cd burners are compatible with ghost for some reason some just never fishinh cloning
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