Could some one give me a link or tutorial for setting up my network?


I am planning my own network in my home:

my client is my laptop running Windows XP Pro.
My server is Windows 2003 server(enterprise).
router is Linksys Wireless-B Broadnad Router: Model BEFW11S4.
My internet access is Cable through cable modem.

My goal is to host my own web site in my home.
I plan to use service from for forwarding service.
My server will be web server and can be accessed from outside(whole world)
and my laptop is connected to my server and is not accessable to outside world.

I have no experience in networking and want to get practical(hands-on) guide
to build my home network.

My target is to finish this project before the end of year 2004.

Please give me your guide or any tutorial from other urls. Thanks in advance.

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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Using a Windows OS is like asking to be hacked.  But you can minimize this chance by deciding what you want to serve (just web pages?) and put the server behind the linksys router, forwarding only the webserver ports to the server.

Other than that, Basically plug everything into the linksys and make sure you keep the server up-to-date with patches and service packs.

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