How could I get the information as windows 2003 server halted ?

    I need to know the reason of windows server 2003. We have replaced the hardware and checked all drivers again but windows 2003 halted again. And, I cannot get any information from event log in windows 2003. Who can tell me how to get the detail log when windows 2003 halted. At the least, I have to know which program is running as system halted. Thanks a lot!!

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does it have any management tools installed (provided by the hardware manufacturer)?
may be problems with the fans (temperature) for exemple which make the server to halt
If you don't have any management tools, I would try opening the task manager, sort the list by CPU and watch to see which process rises when it is halted.  I had this happen on a server before and never found out what happend to it.  It had dual processors and I suspected that is was a motherboard problem, but I just got rid of the server.  Since you said that you replaced the hardware, did you mean the motherboard also?  Also, how long has this been happening?  Was a change made to the server recently?


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Windows Server 2003

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