NDMP Support on WSS

I'm looking at a NAS box which is running on Windows Storage Server 2003 and was wondering whether i could use NDMP on it.  Is NDMP only available for Linux-based NAS boxes?
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NDMP is a protocol not a peice of software, so you can use it any NAS device that supports it..it's not dependant upon the host NAS OS. To use NDMP you normally have to have some sort of fibre channel backed on the NAS (as this is used to direct connect to the tape device), but on some devices it can be normal metal scsi. What are to models of NAS and tape library???? Also what backup software are you planning to use??
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No, you can not use NDMP on WSS.  That is because NDMP is only for NAS devices that do not have enough of a main-stream OS on them to use an actual backup client.  NDMP allows the backup server to issue the backup with the backup device, but then stream the backup data across the storage network from the NAS device.  

You can use a regular backup client for the WSS.  It is also much cheaper to use a regular backup client.  

NDMP has several limitations, including transfer speed, which is limited to 8MB/sec in NDMP v3 and 25 MB/sec in NDMP v4.  This is a protocol limitation, and not a hardware limitation, so use something like an LTO2 drive here.  Also, with NDMP, unless you are using the latest Veritas NetBackup, if a backup fails, you have to start it all over again.  Veritas (and I believe TSM so far) is now including a checkpoint feature that lets you continue an interrupted NDMP backup.
symbios2Author Commented:
Does that mean that NDMP is hardware dependant?  Lets take for example that i already have a working NDMP set up and right now i just bought a Windows OS NAS box and i want to integrate it into the existing set up. Is it possible?
The whole point behind the creation of the NDMP backup protocol was to back up a device that could not use a regular backup client.  It is more expensive and riskier, since an interrupted backup usually means that you have to start over again.

(You can integrate an NDMP backup into a normal backup schedule, with other clients, if that is also part of your question.)

But I think the whole point of this is that if you have a Windows box, a Windows backup client will be easier to integrate into most existing backup schedules, cheaper (sometimes by a factor of 10 or more,) and easier to use.  You would only need an NDMP client when the OS does not support normal backup.  The EMC Celerra NAS server, for instance.  This requires NDMP for direct backup, or you have to mount the shares to a Windows or Unix/Linux server and back them up on that server.  This is because the DART operating system on the data movers (NAS heads) is a stripped down Linux kernel, with no support for backups.  To back up the data mover, you have to install or activate the NDMP on the Veritas (for example) master server, and have the master server control the backup.

A server with Windows Storage Server, on the other hand, can be backed up by installing a Veritas client for Windows and backing up normally.

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