Drag and drop to forward a message

I often forward email to a web-based account for safe-keeping/reminder to read later/etc. Is there a way I can create a button I can drag these messages onto that will always forward to that web-based address? I get tired of typing my email address (even with auto-complete it requires going from mouse to keyboard back to mouse ...  each time).

Surely there is a way I can drop the message onto a button and off it will go?

I tried to use a macro I found on a another site, but couldn't make it work. Here it is:

Sub fwrdTo()
Dim myForward As Object ' to forward anything which can be forwarded
Dim colSelection As Outlook.Selection
Dim forwardTo As String

Set colSelection = Application.ActiveExplorer.Selection

If colSelection.Count = 0 Then
   Set colSelection = Nothing
   Exit Sub
End If
' Forward to

forwardTo = "myemailaddress@mywebbased.com"
Set myForward = colSelection.Item(1).Forward
myForward.Recipients.Add forwardTo
myForward.Display True ' to display it but you have to click on Send and OL security warning too!!!!
' myForward.Send ' but you will have OL security wrning

Set colSelection = Nothing
End Sub
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Aland CoonsSystems EngineerCommented:
If you put your own address in the address book with an alias name like "00_my_webmail" so alphabetically it is the very first entry then when sending the email (or forwarding) you can press the TO: button and with a few quick clicks with your mouse it will be on it's way to you.
gargarneyAuthor Commented:
Thanks, but that's not what I want. Why hasn't anyone developed this? If I can drag a message to folder, why can't I drop it on a button or folder that's preconfigured/preaddressed to send it?

I could have multiple forward "slots" that would save tons of time.

the code looks right to me...
What about the Tools/Macros/Security?
If set to Hight, it will never work
Set it to Medium, close OL then restar accepting the macros to be fired (Enable Macros)

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I can't be sure this will have the affect you are looking for, but you can make a shortcut on the desktop by doing the following:

1) right click on desktop
2) select new
3) select shortcut
4) in the area where you would choose a file to make a shortcut to, type in the following mailto:user@domain.com (user@domain.com being the email address you
    want to send to)
5) Put in a description
6) Click finish

Now you have an icon on your desktop when clicked on opens an email already addressed to yourself. I'm currently looking up how to add a feature like that to the "Send To" portion of Windows Explorer but haven't figured it out yet. Hopefully the desktop shortcut helps a little.
gargarneyAuthor Commented:

That's your macro, isn't it? I found it somewhere. Thanks. I thought about the security issue, but even if that were solved, it wouldn't do exactly what I want, I don't think.

I don't want anything to pop up, nothing to fill out, no "Send" button to click. I just want to drag a message onto an icon and have it be instantly sent. No confirmation, nothing.

The more I think about it, the more amazed I am that this isn't a standard feature in email apps.
you could just select the mail to be forwarded then click a button which would have a macro ( fwrdTo ) assign to

Maybe redemption dll should be used to bypass OL security warning
Let me know

The code is maybe from vbaexpress.com site but previously published at EE
Aland CoonsSystems EngineerCommented:
Stefri's answer is close to Gargarney's needs.
Anything further would require special programing.

Most programs (and even program functions) rarely do their "stuff" without proving some form of feedback either visual or audio. I would expect no less.

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