RAID1: Data protection using RocketRAID 133

We just received in our office a RocketRAID 133 controller that we ordered. we plane to use it on our small server for data protection RAID1 (mirroring i guess?). We will use for the case two Maxtor 120GB IDE hard drives.  My question: Is it possible to put the second hard on a mobile rack (IM-100KF) and be able to take it off, for exemple the weekends without shutting down the server?
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Generally the answer would be No. IDE is typically not hot swappable. you could check the specs of that card to be sure but it would ultimately depend on the controller card. If the card DOES support hot-swap you will NEED a real hot-swap drive cage, not simply a 20$ IDE drive holder. the 100KF is Key & Fan only. it won't support hot-swap. the IM100KPF is listed as hot-swappable though.

I would NOT recommend this course of action (even if the controller supports hot-swap and you bought the drive cage w/ swap support) for some sort of backup or safe guard plan because the server will suffer performance impact when the drive is restored and the RAID controller initiates rebuilding of the RAID array. use a real backup solution and put a copy on a USB drive and take that off site. Please don't confuse passive disaster prevention like RAID with active disaster recovery strategies like backups.
According to Highpoint's website the RocketRAID 133 has "hot-swap support for swapping failed disks on the fly (works with Hot-Swap capable mobile racks such as Rocket Mate)"

Again this is meant to replace FAILED disks and removing a live disk from a server will still require the array to be rebuilt as the removed drive will no longer be kept in synch with the array. this resynchrnization can be a VERY time consuming process depeding on how full the 120GB HD is. My 300 GB array takes 36-48 hours on its monthly MAINTENANCE synchronization. The 600GB array takes well over 72 hours. you would be looking at a full rebuild, not simply a maintenance synchronization so even at half the size your server's performance would be impacted for an extended period of time while the array was rebuilt. ultimately you need to research a proper backup solution for active disaster recovery planning. these recovery plans vary depending on your server operating system and your operating budget.

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mediteranioAuthor Commented:
Thanks alot fettigcj07 ! we'll finally dont use a rack for the second HDD. The backup will still be made by LAN on another PC.

Thanks again :)
have a good day
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