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i want to use some of the low resolution image for a sign board, can i convert any picture in gif,jpeg, etc format to a high resolution one? i tryed to copy and past in photoshop 300 dpi document but the quality doesn\t change
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How low is the resolution for your GIF and JPEG files?

If there are really low, then I don't think you can enhance the quality of the images in the image format that you have. I am not too sure if there are such programs that can reverse it, i doubt it, as when the image is compressed some image data is lost and is not recoverable.


JPEG file are compressed, and it uses a destructive image compression algorithm which the quality is not reversible. Therefore JPEG files has a lossy nature.
More info: http://www.prepressure.com/techno/compressionjpeg.htm


Although GIF does not have that lossy nature, but GIF files can only support up to 256 color palletes, so many colors are lost during the conversion.
More info: http://www.webstyleguide.com/graphics/gifs.html

Hope this helps :)
Hi princess_amoora,

The thing with raster images is that the info that is not there, well... is not there. A low-res image is, by definition, an image with a relatively small size in pixels that makes it good for viewing on a webpage or for comping but nothing more.
The format is irrelevant. You can have a Photoshop PSD image at low-res. Low-res TIFF images used to be used in the printing industry for positioning when composing pages in a page layout program like QuarkXPress or PageMaker. Using low-res images made it possible for the layout artist to work on the page, and when the composition was completed, then the low-res images were replaced with their high-res equivalents.
Now, some signage requires relatively low-resolution images, so don't get discouraged just yet. billboards, truck panels, bus shelter posters; all those are designed to be viewed from a certain distance so they don't require very high-res images. First thing you need to know is the size in pixels that your printer will require for the job. I.e. if your image will be 6 feet wide (72 inches) and the printer tell you he needs it at 100ppi, then your image needs to be 72x100 = 7200 pixels wide. Right?
Now enters Genuine Fractals. This is a Photoshop plug-in that does the impossible. It lets you enlarge a raster image with very little degradation up to 600% the original size. So, in the given example, if your original image is 1200 pixels wide or more you could stretch it to the right size using GF. Higher enlargement will yield degradation but it may be possible.
Genuiine Fractals is not free and is not cheap either, but its as great tool. You can download a trial version from:

Good Vibes!



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Hi princess_amoora,

Thanks for accepting my comment and for the points. I'm glad I could be of help to you and hope that your final image is right for the job.

Good Vibes!

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