How do I change the domain name when accessing another domain through VPN?


I have just installed a VPN link to one of our sites to allow control over the server and remote assistance. I can connect to the VPN and the other site server fine, but when I try an logon to the server, it picks up my current domain name and wont let me change it to the domain of the server I am logging on to. It works fine on a standalone PC with an internet connection but any PC on the current network/domain it wont let me change. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Hi jflah,
Need more information.
What VPN client?
What type of VPN (IPSEC or PPTP)?
What VPN hardware/software are you using at each end?
jflahAuthor Commented:
I dont know what you mean by VPN client. The type of VPN is PPTP and I am connecting to a Windows 2003 server via remote desktop connection after I have established the VPN connection. As I say its fine on a standalone PC which is not connected to a domain, but when I try and connect to the other domain from my domain even though I have established a connection to the other server and can get its logon screen, it shows my own domain name and wont let me change it to the domain of the other server.

Hope that helps.
It looks like you are trying to allow your PC to become a client to the Win 2003 server - but your PC is in a different domain. The VPN just gives you a link between the client and the server, but if the client is not in a trusted domain then why should the server let it in? The client and server must be in the same domain, or you must enable a trust (and to do that your PCs domain must be within the same forest or tree).

I had a similar problem where I set up my own Win 2K domain at home, then could not connect in to work, because work would not trust my home domain. I solved this by setting up my PC with dual boot, one for home and one for work in each domain.

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