Browser service problem with 2 or more nics

We have a problem with two of our W2K3 servers.
The problem is, that the browser service doesn’t work properly. If I do a net view none of the machines show up in the list.
If I disable the second network card the problem disappears, but I need this one for backup purposes.
I already tried the following:

Using the net server command to make sure the parameter hidden is not set.
Disable the use of netbios over tcp/ip, and even disable wins completely on the second adapter.
Complete delete of all records in the wins-database.
Verified the binding order to make sure the first nic is first in the list.
Used routing and remote access to completely separate all traffic in the two lan’s.
If the browser service isn’t working on the second nic, I don’t care, I don’t need it there, but I need it on the first one.

So I really don’t know it anymore.
If I completely reinstall and start all over, it appears in the browser list for about an hour, before appearing again and never showing up anymore.

Any advice or tips to troubleshoot further?
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Jay-JayAuthor Commented:
No one an idea?
Jay-JayAuthor Commented:
Update: Even disabling the second nic doesn't help. After about one hour the server dissapears from the browser list.
Jay-JayAuthor Commented:
Points increased...
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Jay-JayAuthor Commented:
And a final update. It appears that the NIC's have nothing to do with it.
I reinstalled another machine with one nic, no special setting and it has the same problem.
And then we saw the difference with all other machines.
These servers are Windows 2003 Standard edition, while all others are Enterprise editions.
So there has to be a difference between these two concerning the browser service....

Anyone any advice?
hidey ho.

Sorry I missed this one.

do an ipconfig. You'll find the nbt node type is "unknown" I got this answer from MS PSS when it happend to me:

B) Your Server has this issue which may be causing your problem. When you use the Ipconfig.exe utility with the /all switch that shows the TCP/IP configurations on your computer, the node type may appear as "unknown"

B-1 To resolve this issue, use Registry Editor (Regedit.exe) to locate the following key in the registry:


Change the value of the EnableProxy value in the preceding registry key to 0, quit Registry Editor, and then restart your server.

References "Ipconfig /All" Command Shows the Node Type as Unknown (310570)"
"TCP/IP and NBT Configuration Parameters for Windows 2000 or Windows NT (120642)"

was the LSA error a one off? It's not related to my knowledge.

Jay-JayAuthor Commented:
The node type shows up as Hybrid on all machines, so I guess this won't get me any further.

I rechecked DNS and wins, and I am absolutely positive everything is working perfect here.
The same machine, with same hardware and software on a 2003 enterprise edition works flawless, and I can't spot a single difference in running services, installed protocols or other network settings

Your last sentence, "was the LSA error a one off? It's not related to my knowledge.", I don't quite understand. What do you mean?
re LSA - sorry, bad cut and paste.

I was about to say "one NIC" but you've tried that. :(

Have you tried bowstat?

It's a MS utility that shows up the browser status, binding, lists et al.


Jay-JayAuthor Commented:
Browstat shows no problem. The PDC is seen as the master browser.
I am really lost here. DNS works perfect, Wins works perfect,...  but we still have a few apps that require them to be listed in network neighbourhood.
Wll, try disabling the NBT proxy anyway - there could be something in that.

Can you post up the browstat log from 2 different machines? Just the server entries will do...

Jay-JayAuthor Commented:
Now that I compare:

One log from one of the concerning machines:

Status for domain TESTDOMAIN on transport \Device\NetBT_Tcpip_{D9E05A1E-7DA3-4606-ADE9-2A4BF1731B79}
    Browsing is active on domain.
    Master browser name is: ACRSRV01
        Master browser is running build 1381
    3 backup servers retrieved from master ACRSRV01
    There are 114 servers in domain TESTDOMAIN on transport \Device\NetBT_Tcpip_{D9E05A1E-7DA3-4606-ADE9-2A4BF1731B79}
    There are 3 domains in domain TESTDOMAIN on transport \Device\NetBT_Tcpip_{D9E05A1E-7DA3-4606-ADE9-2A4BF1731B79}

And from a random other machine:

Status for domain TESTDOMAIN on transport \Device\NetBT_Tcpip_{64D566C1-7852-490F-B6D4-D9ED79B511AE}
    Browsing is active on domain.
    Master name cannot be determined from GetAdapterStatus.  Using \\ACRSRV07
        Master browser is running build 1381
    3 backup servers retrieved from master ACRSRV07
    There are 114 servers in domain TESTDOMAIN on transport \Device\NetBT_Tcpip_{64D566C1-7852-490F-B6D4-D9ED79B511AE}
    There are 3 domains in domain TESTDOMAIN on transport \Device\NetBT_Tcpip_{64D566C1-7852-490F-B6D4-D9ED79B511AE}

Machine ACRSRV01 is the PDC, and ACRSRV07 is a DBC (both NT4, NT4 domain), all the other are 2K or 2K3 member servers.

Any idea?

Stop, disable the Computer Browser service on the W2k3 boxes.

It has been known to take the master browser role off of domain controllers.

There's some other things that can be done, so they don't take over the role, but that at least shows whether it is the issue or not...

Oh, do a browstat from the W2k3 machines...


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Jay-JayAuthor Commented:
The first one is from a w2k3 box, and even from one of the boxes with the browsing problem.
He sees the right master browser, yet doesn't show up in the list himself :)
Jay-JayAuthor Commented:
Little update,

Problem found, solution not yet :)

It appears to be based on the logged in user.
With a domain admin logged in, he announces himself to the browser list, with a regular domainuser he refuses on these boxes.

What rights are needed in order to be able to get on the browser list? All other machines with regular domain users running 2k and XP are able to do this, as well as all other win2k and 2k3 advanced servers...
Jay-JayAuthor Commented:
And solution found: loginscript overwrites the comment field, and on these there was a little grammatical error, although net comment did not give back an error.
I will reward 250 points for your hard work anyway :)
Jay-JayAuthor Commented:
damn, not possible to split
Well, all 500 for you then :)
feel free to request a point reduction in the community support area, if you think I have helped enough.

out of curiosity - post up the offending bit of script.

Jay-JayAuthor Commented:
It was a txt file with all servers, and their comment. Like this
Server1,comment for server
Server2,comment for server

And in the script I have a line:
FOR /F "tokens=1,2 delims=," %%i in (text-file) do if %computername%==%%i net comment "%%j"
But due to a typo I simply forgot the , for the concerning servers. (server5 comment)
The log file gave command completed succesfully, but as you can see then there's nothing to be placed in the comment field, so it's never filled up :)

So a stupidity error caused a long, long search :)
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