OWA 2003 and SBS2003 websites on IIS Not Working Anymore


I've got a SBS2003 with OWA2003 on it, and up until yesterday if you went to either http://server/exchange or http://server.fully.qualified.domainname/exchange it would automatically redirect to https://server/exchange or https://server.fully.qualified.domainname/exchange

This has stopped working. OWA still works if you manually type in https.

Also, the other http SBS sites seem to have stopped working too - SharePoint, ConnectComputer, Remote.

Everything did work until yesterday, and there's been no changes to the system. There's no errors in teh error log, no errors in the IIS website logs, but the requests for the site show up as 404 not found. When I look at the websites in IIS, all the required parts are still there (Exchange, exadmin etc etc)


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What response code is showing up in the w3svc logs?  I.e. 404 ? - what's the next number?

Dave Dietz

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D_HartupAuthor Commented:
Yup, it's giving 404 errors for example:

2004-11-17 09:38:35 GET /ConnectComputer - 80 - Mozilla/4.0+(compatible;+MSIE+6.0;+Windows+NT+5.2;+.NET+CLR+1.1.4322) 404 0 2

Oddly, the other websites that are running on the server are working ok (ie. sites separate to the Default Web Site)

Not sure what you mean by next number - does the above answer that question?
The next number is 0 which means this is a 404.0 response which translates to "the file isn't here".

Apparently something significant has changed on the system.

Can you restart IIS, hit the sites that aren't working and then post the w3svc logs showing the various responses?

Dave Dietz
By the way, did you mean to accept my question as an answer?

Dave Dietz
D_HartupAuthor Commented:
yep, can't delete so I thought I'd give you the points...

Found out what the error was - basically the owahttps.asp script someone had changed to point at a different url that pointed at the same server, but for some reason that url is no longer working. So changed it to a working url and hey presto.

The other directories like /remote and /connectcomputer were due to iis being reinstalled a few weeks ago, and didn't twig that of course an iis reinstall doesn't regenerate those directories on sbs2003
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